Cotton, Merino and Alpaca - A bit about our first socks

I started with a plan, but the plan had to change.

I wanted to create a brilliant cycle sock for road cyclists. With the support of my uncle who inspired me to get started, I developed a cotton cycle sock for urban cyclists and a merino sock for road cyclists. IBEN+CYCLE socks are now in shops and we are also making socks for cycle clubs. Our next project is a technical sock from alpaca wool which regulates body temperature, wicks away moisture and is a soft as cashmere.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. The original plan was to develop an alpaca sock first and followed by the merino and then the cotton socks. Sourcing alpaca wool and making a technical sock takes time, so I used this time to work on the other socks. On reflection, it worked better this way round. I found out how the supply chain works, refined the designs and learnt more about the market place.

This has been an early lesson in running a business - don't be impatient but do keep on going.


Our merino sock is the first to be branded

Central to growing the business is continual improvement. I want the people wearing IBEN+CYCLE socks to help us to innovate