If Shakespeare cycled

If the most important contact point with your bike is our foot, then your socks need to perform. Can a sock really make you a better cyclist?


Packing boxes until 3am

Painful as it was, it made me realise the value of socks, if my uncle was willing to box thousands of pairs or socks in a cold warehouse in Dover, somebody somewhere must need socks.

We all need socks and socks attract a lot of attention from cyclists, from rule 28 to leg length, from colour to materials, it all matters to somebody somewhere.



Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not expressed in fancy—rich, not gaudy,
For the apparel oft proclaims the man,
And they in France of the best rank and station"



 Hamlet, Act 1, scene 3.

If Shakespeare had been a cyclist, Polonius might have advised Laertes to spend his money on the finest, most understated socks he could afford.

So if clothes make the man, do socks make the cyclist? I think so. Well designed socks promote blood flow, reduce numbness and support your feet. Premium wools, that breath and regulate temperature in all conditions, help make the ride more comfortable. Socks should feel like a second skin, keeping you pedalling and your focus on the road ahead.

As far as looks go, I like understated, but there are some flamboyant socks that really excite me and I wonder if this excitement can translate into performance on the road. Hard to say, but if you look good and you feel good then you're likely to ride like you feel :)