Black Premgripp® Cycle Socks

Black Premgripp® Cycle Socks


Premgripp® Cycle Socks

Patented technology

A simple concept - technology, agility, grip and positive power for your feet. Premgripp® enhances grip to maximise the power transfer when pedalling to increase performance margins.

So whether you are climbing, sprinting, timetrialling, in the velodrome or just out for a ride, more of your effort will translate into functional movement, improving your overall performance.

40% Cotton

50% Nylon

10% Elastane

Made in Great Britain

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About Premgripp®

+ Offset grip technology in side and out to secure your feet in your sock and your sock in your shoe

+ Enhanced grip and contact leading to more efficient power transfer to the pedals, helping you ride faster for longer.

+ Improves blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings keeping your feet warmer and reducing numbness.

+ Basket woven leg, for a secure fit and compression aiding recovery from fatigue

+ Cushioned foot and leg for comfort

+ Elasticated arch support to minimise friction and movement delivering improved hold in your shoe for better traction and stability

+ Breathable strips wick away perspiration and keep your feet cool.